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Gluten-Free Options for Your Absolute Pleasure

What's Gluten? Should I be free?

Think about raw pizza dough. Do you know how you can stretch it into any shape of your choosing? Well, that elasticity is from the substance called gluten: Gluten is a mixture of two proteins. The properties in gluten are inexpensive properties found in barley, oats, rye and wheat products. This is why it is found in so many foods that we eat and love. 

Gluten can spark auto-immune responses and inflammatory reactions to individuals who are sensitive to the properties of gluten. The most renowned disorder is called celiac disease. If you think that you may have symptoms of celiac disease, consult your primary physician or specialist.

Meals From The Heart Cafe understand how important it is to maintain work surfaces, kitchen tools and cooking stations that are free from gluten. All of our kitchen tools are cleaned, sterilized and sanitized when we are alerted that orders for gluten-free foods are requested. While we take every precaution to keep you safe, communication is paramount. Whenever ordering food, always make it clear to your server that you are gluten-free and/or may have other dietary-food-restrictions. Meals From The Heart Cafe cares about your whole-body. Hope to see you soon!

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