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Promoting Vegan and Gluten-Free Food

Meals From The Heart Cafe Is a Lifestyle

Meals From The Heart Cafe was founded in 2006, in Chef Doucette's home kitchen. This little "gem," is a major tourist destination – located at the Historic French Quarter's Farmers Market. Meals' mission is to offer and to prepare foods that are lower in sodium, lower in refined sugars, no trans-fats and no GMO’s. We do not serve pork or beef. While we are not solidly vegan, our menu is significantly vegan and gluten-free. Our signature menu includes blue crab cakes, okra gumbos, and pancakes. All of these have a vegan and gluten-free option.

Before our opening, no known restaurants were offering gluten-free and vegan options in the city of New Orleans. Meals From The Heart Café is trusted by loyal customers who travel from around the world, making “Meals” a must on their “where to eat” list. If you have an allergy, we encourage you to let us know. Because we make your meal to order, most items can eliminate particular allergens. You can trust us. Our chef turnover is rare. Our chefs are professionals, conscientious about your safety and strive hard to maintain your trust for another 14 years.

Come and sit at our modest counter and enjoy great conversations and an awe-inspiring meal. We aren’t perfect (We have a 4.5-star rating), but we will continue to strive. This is "clean" food -- like farm-to-table clean food. When you visit Meals From The Heart Cafe, you may wait a bit longer for your food to arrive. Oh, but when it does . . . Meals From The Heart Café is a lifestyle. Environmental sustainability is our goal!

With Love,

Chef Marilyn Doucette


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